MPopper is desktop software which will allow you users to send and recive Mailyoulike email using thier pop3 clients like outlook and any other that support pop3 protocol

MPopper Sits in your end user Tray and user can simply use outlook to send and receive mailyoulike email using thier POP3 Clients

MPopper is complety Intregated into Mailyoulike


MPopper Can Be Branded according to your website , organization or company
Customizations are of two types :

Do It Your self 

These includes Coustomization which Mailyoulike Administrators can do by them slefes – with out contacting Mailyoulike

  • Menu Item Coustomization ( You Can add upto Five custom Menu to MPopper )menuitems
  • About Box Customisations

  • Help Box Customisations

  • This Can be done form the administration of Mailyoulike You can genarte a key which Holds the data of these coustomization and give that to user – MPopper will not install with out the Key from the Service Provider in your Case you will be the service provider as this key also hold’s important information of your domian setings that must be suplied to user in order to use MPopper 
Branded Solution 
  • Adding your company Logo to the software
  • Adding you own Custom Text Through out the software
  • Making Custom Buttons That redirect users to specific page on internet
  • Increasing the size of custom menu’s

If you have any specific request Let us know

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Purchase MPopper – 50$