MChecker is Desktop Software Which will inform your end user for any new email in their Mailyoulike account
Plus MChecker also support POP3 and IMAP Account – It means that user can configure MChecker to check new email in there mailyoulike ,POP3 and IMAP account MChecker not only works with mailyoulike it also work with any email Address that support POP3 and IMAP Protocol

MChecker Can Be Branded according to your website , organization or company
Customizations Includes :

  • Adding your company Logo to the software
  • Adding you own Custom Text Through out the software
  • Making Custom Buttons That redirect users to specific page on internet
  • Adding and changing of tool bar images new ones can be added or existing one can be changed according to your request

If you have any specific request Let us know

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  • MChecker and Notify Users of new emails in their inbox at specific interval set by your end user
  • MChecker not only Checks Mailyoulike account it also checks POP3 and IMAP Accounts as specified by your end user
  • MChecker Can Play a wav File on receiving a new email from any account added
  • MChecker Can be started Minimized as configured by the end user
  • When new mail arrives user can configure MChecker to Open a url in their default browser or open a application such as outlook .
  • All Passwords for accounts are stored in XML File In encrypted form
  • All settings of the application is stored in the XML file , No information is stored in the registry
  • User can can save their settings by backing up the XML file
  • MChecker is multi threaded application means User can check POP3 , IMAP and Mailyoulike email accounts at the same time ,It means MChecker will not wait for POP3 account to finish and then check IMAP Account. At the same time All three types of account will be checked
  • Time interval between checks Can be manually decreased or increased by the end user from settings window
  • Mail checking progress is shown in log window
  • User can hide or show log with a single click
  • User can Clear Log window from context menu
  • All errors or invalid account information is shown in the LOG window
  • Some account can be enabled or disabled for checking from the context menu
  • MChecker can be configured to Start with window
  • MChecker can also automatically check account on start up
Purchase Checker – 50$