AD slot is a section on all pages where ads will run

That section is called a AD slot .

To Create an AD Slot do as following

TAGS are used to create sections where ads will run there are currently three kinds of TAGS that will run the ads

1 – [+BANNER+]
Where ever this TAG appears it will output ad randomly like you have ads in your banner management area which are of text type ,image type or swf type this tag will randomly select a AD and display it also this TAG is only used to display AD that are marked to run as TOP position

2 – [+BANNER_SWF+]
This TAG will only display AD that are of type SWF and are mark to run on TOP Position

This TAG will randomly select a AD from all types ( txt,image,swf) and display AD that are marked to run in SIDE position


Now in your template file you can place these TAGS where ever you want and they will output ADS as described above

Templates files can be found at /Templates/[Skin Name]/Default.html
Default.html is Template file
[Skin Name] is name of the skin you want to edit

For more tags and how do create your own Skin read this KB :