ASP.NET based email system

Mailyoulike is a powerful web based email application

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With Mailyoulike you can create paid email accounts , user can purchase those email accounts

You can place banners through mailyoulike

You can specify tag line that is added at the end of each outgoing email for all users account




Mailyoulike is already translated into many languages , but you can fine tune and also translate into any other language

Mailyoulike uses Google Translation API to provide you with translated text


Mailyoulike Comes with 6 Themes
Click here to see list of all themes

You can  also create you now unique skin


External emails

External Emails

With mailyoulike you can not only manage your own domain email address but you can also manage your external emails account that are pop based  like,, etc.. or any other that supports pop3 protocol

One installation of mailyoulike  can manage more than one domain email accounts and also external emails hosted else where